Roy Kowalchuk, President

Mr. Roy Kowalchuk is the founder and President of the Company. He has been working in the industrial insulation field since 1965 and has extensive experience and expertise in the industrial thermal insulation relating to the oil and gas, petrochemical, mining, forestry, and pulp and paper and construction industries. Under his leadership, Tri Western has developed and enjoys a very good reputation for safety records and quality workmanship in the industry and market which contributed to its remarkable growth and success.

Brenda Kowalchuk, Vice President

Mrs. Brenda Kowalchuk is the Vice President and Secretary-Treasurer of the Board of Tri Western. She has a strong background in accounting, banking and property management. She started Tri Western with Roy in 1980 and for many years was responsible for bookkeeping, payroll and accounting duties in the office. Since 2006, she has been in charge of the administration, accounting, and government reporting functions of Tri Western.

Matt Armstrong, VP Of Operations

Matt Armstrong comes from a background of insulation product sales, where he developed a very strong technical knowledge and experience that have helped him achieve great success in running large SAGD expansions in Northern Alberta. His commitment to safety and accountability on the worksite is infectious to all who work with him. Whether it is recruiting to fill positions on a new project, or working with the estimating team to achieve deadlines, Matt is capable of doing what it takes to get the job done.